Charitable Activities

SoCAC members have been supporters of art institutions and artists for many years.

SoCAC’s most recent contribution made in 2024 was to Grand Central Art Center (GCAC) to assist in its efforts to support awareness, connection, positive change, equity, and community through the visual arts via its artist-in-residence initiative whose programs’ diverse history has continually worked toward raising, through artistic vision, voices often underrepresented in our society and art institutions. Through outside funding such as that provided by SoCAC, GCAC provides help to artists including, by way of example, an honorarium supporting living expenses while in residence; travel support to, from, and during residency; and support for creative projects developed in residence.

SoCAC and GCAC have selected Glenda León, an artist based in Havana and Madrid, to participate this year in its artist-in-residence initiative to develop a new project which we hope will be impactful for her artistic and career success moving forward. Her current thoughts are toward a new video piece that she would develop and produce in Southern California that would then premiere as an exhibition at GCAC.

SoCAC members will be invited to meet with Glenda during her residency.

For further details regarding the activities of its members, contact the president of SoCAC, Teri Kennady at